I Have No Life and I’m Okay with that.

Dear the unfortunate people,

I’m fine with admitting that I probably have no life. I mean for god’s sake I’m taking time out of my day to blog about my feelings. What does that say about me. I’m a reader, I love reading. I sometimes watch youtube videos, I don’t really watch like specific people constantly except for one person or really technically two people since their a couple. GO PIKE. I LOVE LOVE LOVE P.K. CREEDON AND MIKE.  Admit it all you pike fans you really don’t know Mike’s last name either. I heard it in the latest video that they posted but, that’s not the point. Anyway I love them, I love how much they love each other. I love when I watch their videos I feel like I know them and from the first second, right when they say “Hey ya’ll.” I have a huge smile on my face. Anyway, this is about me not having a life. So, today I was super super bored and you should know that I don’t watch tv. If I do it’s shows that in my opinion are actually good. I don’t watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Actually just this past summer I was making fun of how that show was the stupidest show ever. I just thought it was a show about spoiled, stupid right girls. I really did, but today I was so bored that I started watching clips on youtube of it. And I have to admit I was fucking shocked when I watched it, I actually thought they were all stupid and rich brats. I mean Kim is really smart and wow. I judged a book by their cover, but we all do it. I try not to do it a lot but you can’t tell me you don’t do it. Well, technically you can but then you be a fucking liar. Anyway, I continued to watch the clips because i wanted to see what else I was wrong about and because I learned that the Kardashians have Hot step, blood related, I don’t really give a fuck brothers.

Blah blah blah, I’m so bored and I learned all this stuff some of it a bunch of crap and a lot of drama. Anyway I clicked on this video and it was about Rob Jenner and it was this girl, on youtube. Anyway she was talking about Rob Jenner and his weight problem and drug problem and his Instagram account. How he took down all his photos and was starting over and there’s only one photo on his account  and it’s him at the beach chillin eating his lunch. And here you are scrutinizing him over his weight saying “Really Rob, come on. That’s not how the pounds are gonna come off, but more like keep coming. And look at that back acne.” I mean come on no one fucking cares what you have to say and think. Maybe some do but I fucking don’t and I’m not saying that I’m more important than everybody else and that you should listen to everything I fucking say, that would be too big of a narcissist of me. But I mean just let the guy eat, even though he can’t hear you. But you dedicated a whole video to him going from hunk to flunk. I mean give the guy a break. I mean he could have a medical condition, obesity it’s self is a sickness. He’s a little bigger than from before when he had a 4 pack or whatever. As I said before and if I didn’t I’ll say it right now, who fucking cares. Get a life. Now you could say the same thing to me, but I already told you i’m okay with not having a life. And you could say the same and either be, for one be lying and trying to copy me, or two are telling the truth and I really just don’t give a crap. But I’m in high school you’re like in college or I’m pretty sure you’re out of college. Anyway that’s all I have to say for now.

That’s my nonsensical rant.


Sincerely not giving a crap,



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