Dear Dreamers,

So today I was super bored so I started watching Jerry springer, and I came across a  video that said,”Don’t sleep with (let’s say) colored people if your daddy is apart of the KKK.” I mean for one, it doesn’t matter if your daddy is apart of… yeah I can’t think of anything worse than being in the KKK, maybe being in the Dicks Society. Wait, I just got informed its the same organization. Okay, so there’s really nothing worse. Anyway, where was I.. oh yes, it doesn’t matter what your daddy’s apart of, it shouldn’t affect who you fuck and don’t fuck. This girl had slept with a Mexican and in result a child was born. First of all, if you didn’t know if you sleep with a person, or really fuck a person because you can sleep with people just not screw them, so if you screw a person there’s a chance that a child will result. Now I’m not saying it happens every time you have sex but it could happen. Just thought you should know that. Anyway, her dad can’t except her child, and her brother wants to be just like their daddy. He’s in the KKK as well, and is proud. But wait for the big bomb, a few months back he slept with a colored lady. Ohhh, wow such a crime. Not, I mean if you liked her and you wanted to show that you liked her by engaging in physical interactions thats fine by me. For you people that don’t understand I’ll break it down, really if she’s a good fuck then who cares what race she is. I probably just spelt that wrong. Whatever, anyway blah blah blah, all stupid shit is said. But I kept on watching more videos of the Jerry Springer show, or how the KKK describes him, Jew boy, and the KKK has been on the show multiple of times. And I saw what they wear, I mean come on who wears a dress to a rally. Oh, and I was wondering could you get me into Hogwarts as well, and if I go to Hogwarts I get a pointy hat,right? I mean come on, you look like ugly ghosts, actually I take that back I can’t call you ghosts because that’s an insult to all ghosts. So I apologize to all ghosts everywhere. Anyway, I have a question does the different color dresses mean different levels of STUPIDITY, I mean come on. Wow, I say that a lot. Anyway, I’m also wondering why such big hats. I mean, you’re over compensating. We already know you have small dicks, you don’t need to hide what you don’t have or have little of behind those dresses and had a long pointy hat to compensate for it. We all know the truth. Denial is the hardest step, or is that acceptance, anyway just know were all here for you. EVERY single one of us. What I also wonder is, why are you all so stupid. I mean literally, none of you know what you’re talking about. I mean on the show twice, or more than twice I heard some one say I have Freedom of Speech, it’s in the Declaration of Independence. Um, hello? Just curious, but did you even go to school. Or did you get educated by watching mean girls over, and over, and over again.“And on the third day, God created the Remington Bolt-Action Rifle, so that man could fight the dinosaurs, and the homosexuals.”  I mean, because that’s just totally true. And we all believe that. You can hear the sarcasm in my voice right, I just wanted to make sure. You know since you’re so educated and all I wanted to see if you could tell. Wait, I’m sorry you don’t even know what that means. Anyway, Freedom of Speech is in the Constitution, just for your information. Oh, and what is the “White Power” thing. Whenever I heard it, it was when you had no fucking clue what you were talking about. Which was all the time. Stop hiding behind some dumb-ass saying. It doesn’t make you sound badass, it doesn’t make you cool. Hey, you think if I go around screaming “Magical Monkeys” and holding my hand out I’ll look like a badass. I mean it works for you doesn’t it. Anyway, I’m tired of you guys. I have a new name for your group. “Dumb-ass, mother fucking, over compensating, small dick and no tit biggots.” I LOVE it. I mean, I continued to watch Jerry Springer and I have to say that the guy that’s married to a horse, who actually came out on stage and made  out with a horse and admits to having fucked the horse is way smarter than y’all.

Sincerely not caring about your feelings,


*Below is a pic of my pointy hat!!


4 thoughts on “Dumb-asses

    • Why thank you!!! I tried to not use big words just incase (even though it’s not gonna happen) one of them saw this!! But I still think their intelligence level is to low to understand and comprehend what I’m saying!! But I can’t -what’s the word?- “dumb”it down anymore for them!! To do that I would have to think like them!! And I’m afraid that’s just not possible!! My dick is to big to be able to think like them, and I’m a girl!! And yes it is sad that the KKK are still around!! Thank you so much for reading my rant!! I didn’t think anyone was ever going see this, let alone read it!! Bye bye!!
      That’s my rant!!!


      • Haha, no Problem 🙂
        I am looking Forward to reading whatever you write next.
        And I feel ya’…
        I am trying to write a blog myself and except of a few friends noone really reads it either, I think.
        But your writing is refreshing because you just write down what you think the way you think it and that makes it unique 😀 AND AMUSING!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Thank you so much. I’m really surprised someones actually reading it. I just thought, “Well I’ve got nothing better to do with what I call my ‘life’. I put that in quotes because, I don’t have one. Anyway I thought, well I could rant about how I feel and imagine people actually are reading this. So that’s what I did. But yea, I’m just a socially awkward unicorn, I don’t understand you humans. I love to read. I’m really lazy but also really active. I’m stupid and smart – kinda depends on your definition of smart – stubborn but also really lazy to care. You see where I’m going with this. If you do understand what I’m saying, mind writing me back and explaining it to me. Because I’ve got no clue. But that’s common for me. I’m not going to say normal because – and this might not make sense – but in my opinion we really don’t know what the word normal means. We don’t know what’s normal and not normal. We know what’s common. Theres a big difference. But yea, so this reply has no point to it. Hey just like all my writing. But yea. I’m almost done with school and apparently my mama is forcing me to do this thing that I think you humans call having ‘social interaction’ I know it’s scary just to think about it. Well that’s all I’ve got. If you ever want to talk just send a message my way. Bye bye.
        That’s my rant!!!


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