Annoying ‘friends’ and ‘Soulful’ Girls!!

Dear Dreamers,

Oh my goodness. Yesterday I tweeted out saying ‘I should’ve just stayed under the covers” and here I am. Hanging out with my best friend, ‘my bed’ and my laptop. Yet somehow I still have a headache. And it’s not like the ones I get sometimes, no that comes later on in the day. Yay me. No this one is different, Its like if you had a friend (which we don’t because our species -the internetians- doesn’t like human interaction. Oh wait, thats everyone in society today.Anyway) and this friend just kept on talking and talking and their voice is just really annoying and all you want to do is to put them asleep. Not hurt them, no just put a cloth in front of their mouths and make them go nighty night. But high school is amazing, hard, stupid and ugh. And I mean even though at my school there’s like no bullying going on that doesn’t mean theres not drama. I mean one example is that theres this guy I talk to and S.C. and whatever. And it’s annoying when girls steal his phone and take a pic of them and send it to me. I mean their not even dating and I find annoying and hilarious at the same time because I find it amusing that their like ‘bitch back off he’s mine but he doesn’t know that. I’m just going to force him to be mine.’ its so pathetically desperate. And I mean I’m like ‘bitch I could really care less. Wow he talks to other girls. That’s a shocker. I mean I talk to a guy is that illegal because I think that in these girls minds it is.’ I hate drama. I mean its so stupid and pointless. Like ‘Oh my goodness, that bitch Ashley I saw her talking to Shane while I was walking towards class. I mean what the hell, she knows I like him and then she talks to him. How dare she, but I mean whatever its not like she has a chance anyway did you see what she was wearing today. Oh my goodness what happened? Was she dropped as a child that she thinks she looks cute.’ Wow, those girls are the best. I mean what was Ashley thinking. She’s obviously insane if she thought ‘I’m going to talk to a person today’. I mean you guys are so much better than her. What don’t you have, you have the body, the looks, you have the friends. Oh I got it you don’t have a soul. But thats okay who needs a soul and who needs to be nice when you look this good. What’s also annoying are those girls that are nice sometimes but then their bitches. Those girls that people know and hangs out with the ‘soulful’ girls but then she also hangs out with the as you would call us, geeks. Oh my god I hate those girls. I mean she’s nice to you when you agree with her and stuff but you do one thing wrong and she’s talking with other girls and looking at you every couple seconds. I mean if you’re talking about me and are to gutless to say it to my face at least stare at me when you do it. I mean it’s not like I don’t already know. You look up at me and then look away and then look at me and look away. Its the same pattern yet you think you’re good at hiding it. Or when this girl is on the same sports team as you and they ask for your stuff when they don’t have their because their like “You’re not going to be playing so can I use it?” I’m like bitch, fuck you I just got back and I have to practice a little more, then I’ll be first string like I am. I was injured and you think that gives you a right to bag  on me. I mean being injured doesn’t even have anything to do with it. I mean if you want a honest answer here, “No you may not use my stuff. Bring your own. And by the way just let you know You’re a straight BITCH!!!” I think that would work. I might have to dial back on the big words I’m using because I don’t think she would understand the meaning of this big word, NO!!!

Well that’s my rant. I’m going to go stuff my face with food and then go sleep. Bye bye.

Sincerely not caring about your feelings,