The Imperfections of Perfect

Dear Dreamers,

When you’re a kid, you dream big. You dream of the world. You’re a creative little thing and everyone finds it adorable. When we’re little kids we don’t really understand the world. We don’t understand a lot of things. And as we get older we start to learn and understand more. As you grow up you still have these dreams, you’re still so creative but you don’t show it as much. We don’t show our creative side because we think that’s it wrong, that’s it not allowed. Because in school they don’t want us to be creative, they want us to be cooperative, to do the work right. But when is the age..that moment that we go from being these little kids with a whole lot of imagination to..something else. As teenagers we don’t know what we are – and neither does anyone else. We’re not little kids anymore and we’re not adults – who we are, and for some of us; we even question who we like. Because that’s how we feel, but we also feel that we know everything.  At this age, we’re in this world scare but also feeling invincible. And sometimes people make it seem like it’s our fault, our choice. That we’re growing up too fast. But how can we not, we feel as though we’re unstoppable and that we know everything there is to know. And sometimes adults don’t help us understand that we don’t know everything. That we have so much more to learn. Instead they use it, they put a lot more on us. Tell us to do more and we don’t say anything because we want to be seen as, not a child. But maybe that’s why adults treat us differently when we’re at this age. Because even though deep down they know we have a lot to learn, they get caught up in life and forget to look at us closely. And I mean it’s not their fault, because we get wrapped in life and forget as well. We forget for a while because at first we like how they treat us. We like the feeling of being not being seen as a child. It’s an amazing feeling at first. But then when we realize it’s to hard and that we really don’t know anything they still don’t see it. They still are so caught up and don’t have time to look that they keep treating us like we’re all grown up. Yes we want to be treated like a grown up even though were not and yes we want some independence. And you can still treat us like one, but please take the time to stop, to look and to listen. Because sometimes even though we’re rude to you and it’s seems like we don’t appreciate you: all we really need and really want is our parents. Our parents to hold us and tell us that it’s okay. Allow us to cry on their shoulders and for us to actually let go. To let the down the walls that we’ve built.

One thing I do know is that we’re so eager to grow up. When we’re little all we want to do is to grow up. We want to be like the older kids, the cool kids. In elementary school we think the coolest people are the Middle Schoolers. And in Middle School we think the High Schoolers have it all. And then it starts all over again in college. And what I thought ends there doesn’t.  But why? Is is because they get to do more things? Is it because they look like they’re having more fun? It’s because we’re always going to want to be something else. Something better. I just wonder if one day we’ll look back..and wish we hadn’t.

So when exactly do we go from being kids to That I’m not so sure. I don’t think it’s a certain age like turning 16,18 or even 21. And I don’t think it’s a special event like getting your driver’s license or graduating. I think it just happens, when we’re not paying attention, and without our permission and awareness childhood just slips away. We go from playing with our friends on the playground, to playing with our friends feelings. We go from sharing and talking about our emotions, to sharing emoticons and spreading rumors. Our innocence, our purity; they just vanish into thin air. Entering a new stage in life is hard: and with everyone saying that it’s scary and hard, that doesn’t make it any easier. But it’s also very exciting: we see and learn new things. Make new friends while we lose a few and everything in between. And that’s great. Change is good and terrifying. I used to hate it and sometimes I still do. I always that everything should always stay the same because that’s how I liked it. When I was little I thought life could be perfect if you were just always careful and never changed anything. If you were always good, that you would never make a mistake. That you would never be scared and nothing would ever go wrong. That you could live this perfect live and it would always be the same. And I don’t think I’m the only one that has thought this way, I believe that we all have believed in the perfect life sometime in our life. Some people still believe that life can be perfect and they work so hard and push themselves to get there. But once they achieve one goal it’s not good enough, because they have hundred more goals to achieve. Everyday we wake up and attempt to figure out the mystery of this thing called life. And  at the end of the day, we wonder if we have. But the thing is: everyday is a piece of a never-ending puzzle. You figure out where one piece goes. But there’s still more to find and you’ll never find them all. And that’s okay, because what I’ve learned is that life isn’t perfect and it will never stay the same. Sometimes there will be surprises and sometimes you will get scared or be wrong but that’s okay. Everyone makes mistakes and everyone gets scared at times, the important things is that you don’t let your mistakes define you. You don’t let the fear win and take control. You don’t give up. Yes change is scary and sometimes all I want to do is curl up in bed and stay there forever. But I know I can’t because then I’m giving up and that’s not okay. I’m actually really grateful that nothing does stay the same forever. If everything stayed the same forever then I wouldn’t have the life I had today. Maybe it’s because I’m young, and it’s summer but sometimes you just feel really lucky to be where you are, who you are, and what you are. And I can’t help but wonder if everyone else feels that too.

So yes; growing up is scary. And sometimes we do get caught up in life. But everyone just needs to stop running and take a breather. Look around and enjoy the view. Enjoy life and don’t be so eager to grow up. Childhood is so precious and is something so extraordinary to comprehend. So live it and keep it for as long as you can. And when you do grow up to become someone else’s shoulder to cry on, the one to hold them and tell them it’s all going to be alright, make sure not to leave them behind and alone.

Sincerely not caring about your feelings,


I know that this post is for the Childhood prompt but it also works for this one!

DailyPost One-Word prompt Perfection<a href=”Perfection“>Perfection

This is for the DailyPost One-word prompt Childhood<a href=”Childhood”>Childhood.


9 thoughts on “The Imperfections of Perfect

  1. Awesome response! My favorite part was when you said, ” We go from playing with our friends on the playground, to playing with our friends feelings. We go from sharing and talking about our emotions, to sharing emoticons and spreading rumors.” These two lines are strong and have lots of depth and meaning. Great comparisons!


    • Wow. Thanks for reading this. I love that part as well. It’s so true and I just thought it should be said. I have to go right now. But I’ll talk to you later. Thank you so much for reading this. Bye bye.
      That’s my rant. (A very lame rant.)


      • Aww thanks. That really means a lot. Yea I know it’s not as sarcastic but I like this one as well. It might not be as witty as my other ones but it’s what I thought had to be said. So thank you so much for reading it. You guys rock. Bye bye.
        That’s my rant.


  2. You just made me cry…and that is good of course…I love the way you wrote this and I’m sincerely telling you that you are very very good at it..I will read this again and again and again..thank you for writing this and every single sentence you wrote is exactly what’s going on in my mind..thank you again and you are phenomenal!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • do I respond to this. Thank you so much. You’re way way way to nice. I really didn’t even try I just wrote what I thought. And then I’m like what the hell lets post this. I’m sorry that you’re having a hard time but hang in there. I’m sorry I’m really not good with words. I don’t know how to word it. Okay, what I’m tryin to say is that you’re way to sweet and you’re very talented. Way more talented than me. Hang in there and I know this cliché but it will get better. It might take a while and seem like it’s not but it will. In time. Thank you so much for reading this. I’m really thankful for anyone reading it but for you to read it, an amazing writer and person that means so much to me. Bye bye.
      That’s my rant.

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  3. Wow, It was so long, and normally I don’t read long stuff all throughout, unless it’s good. And I did read all throughout. So yeah.. you get the point, unicorn. haha.
    Anyways, you said you weren’t good with words on my blog, well it seems that you lied, you are good. haha. Keep it up! I’ll be around. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    • Wait people are actually reading my blog. Yay. See mama I do have friends, they’re just inside my phone. 😂. And I didn’t lie, I’m seriously not good with words. That blog was me literally just writing down everything in my head. I didn’t try to form it, I don’t know. But thank you so much for reading my blog. And I’m not good with forming my thoughts and writing them down. And dude your writing it amazing. You are the talented one. But thanks again. Bye bye.
      That’s my (thank you) rant.

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