Dear Dreamers,

So I know it’s been a while, and that you’ve missed me and my sarcastic charm so much. Don’t worry I’m back but it’s seems I’ve misplaced my sarcasm, so for now let’s mix it up a bit. Here is one of my favorite poems. Enjoy!


Long blonde hair and big blue eyes, watching this thing that is our world.

I see the bus coming my way, yet all I want to do is run, run all the way back to yesterday.

I don’t play by the rules of the game. I want the day with blue skies and lots of apple pie to come back and stay.

Children running around, climbing trees and scraping knees.

Their laughter could be heard all around.

I wonder if they’ll notice a piece is out of place, or

Will they just fill it with another blank face.

This thing called ‘nature’ has long been extinct.

Why go smell the roses and get attacked by bees?

Don’t you get it, I have to stay linked.

So we just stay curled up playing on our PSP.

What are you saying? I have tons of friends.

I have like 5000 followers on my instagram..

I’m sorry I am too busy instant messaging to realize that no one knows the real me,

They perceive what they receive, and only notice my disguise

Nowadays it’s rare for people to have any social skills.

Occupied by the latest trends and popping pills to even say hi.

No, we don’t have time to think about life.

Too busy with social media, and asking for a light.

Our head is filled to the brim, wondering what filter would look best with this pic.

We continue to scroll through our feed, clicking and liking the things we see.

Because we hope that there’s a possibility they’ll like our picture as well.

But why is it that, when we don’t have enough likes or comments we freak.

Start measuring our self-worth and bodies tryin to find the imperfections they see.

So we cut our hair, get new clothes but it’s not a big deal.

I’m just changing myself completely to fit the role.

I mean everyone says to look good and wear the right stuff.

Sending the best bits of information and talking on kik,

Just leaving the emotion out of our lives, and torn farther apart.

When we’re little we tell our friends ‘I’ll always be there’ and they tell you too

But nobody’s there because a group chat will suffice..

We snapchat our ‘friends’ and stay hunched over device.

That we aren’t aware the day has come to an end.

In society today we’re all alike, our creation has taken over humankind

They’re the masters and we’re their slaves and apparently that’s okay.

Because they’re so lifelike that we don’t notice our life flying by.

I have so many friends and everyone loves me.

When I get bored I “log on” to the world and see if anyone will talk to me.

I have 432 friends according to facebook, and got 30 likes on my last tweet.

We laugh at people when we see that on Snapchat, their highest streak is 3.

It’s like we’re in a competition but no one’s winning.

Streaming our favorite shows and trying to keep it cool.

Our humanity has completely disappeared. Vanished! But that’s okay

I have netflix, my phone and an ice cold beer.

Can’t you see, I have so many friends: they’re just inside my phone

I have a conversation all the time, I open up my contact list and there you go

I just text or skype them, it’ll go for hours on end.

But never call, because it’s too much effort to actually talk to a ‘friend’.

We’re all the same, no one’s unique.

Technology has taken over and left us broken. Left us Weak.

We’re the ones who are programmed and leave our individuality out.

All that’s left is a ghost of who we once were,

We have no morality left on this earth..

You have so many friends, right? Then tell me this: What’s my name?

Or do you only know me by my 8 letter and 3 digit code name

Our world today brings me great sorrow and pain..

Cause most of us today don’t care about tomorrow.

So all I want is for yesterday to be today.

For today to be better, to shut down our systems.

Actually dream and wonder, to stop with all the critiques.

And tomorrow, we all aren’t just a number, we’re different.

Long blonde hair, big blue eyes. I cut off all ties to the eworld

Step out my front door to enjoy my world,

Because I’ve been blessed, to just be me.


Okay, I’m okay! I made it, I almost didn’t from how serious I had to be. That was terrible, never doing that again. Hopefully I’ll be able to find that sarcasm soon. You know where it might be, I think it’s probably under my bed with all that other nonsense. Like my feelings and demons! Okay see ya later.

Sincerely not caring about your feelings,